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Our approach of a girlfriend experience

Every individual has his own opinion about what a true girlfriend experience is. We would like to introduce you with our approach a girlfriend experience and what to expect from the date. In our opinion, a girlfriend experience is only successful when all parties involved genuinely enjoy each other’s company and everyone can be themselves. During the date, the focus will be on the intellectual commitment. The physical intimacy will then proceed in a natural way. Mutual pleasure and respect are the keywords for a successful experience. Our companions are always themselves during the date. They will not behave differently when they are in your company. They are all flexible, open minded and always do their utmost to entertain you within their personal limits. Because every new meeting is unique, they do not have a standard act or script that they “perform” on every person they visit. Based on the chemistry between you and the companion, the date can be pleasant and satisfying on different fronts.

To ensure that you will meet a lady who’s dating with the right motivation, we only select the best higclass companions. The ladies got screened with special care and casted on personal characteristics such as empathy and very strong social skills. In addition, they also need to know how intimacy works in daily life. You can trust that only the nicest ladies will be admitted to our agency. You will be assured of a meeting with someone who’s passionate and genuine. Women who are only interested in earning large amounts of money are not permitted. We only promote ladies who occasionally want a paid date and do this in addition to a normal daytime activity such as a study. During that time you will always be treated like a good friend and never as a cliënt who pays for a service. For both of you, every moment spend together will be special and genuine. We dare to assure you of an honest service and a sincere girlfriend experience that will make you feel special and appreciated.