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On this page you will find the rates we have determined with special care. Our rates are fixed and non-negotiable.  
You automatically receive discount on the hourly rate when you book several hours at once upfront.

At Companion Brokers you always pay one price for the time and companionship of our companions.
You will not encounter any financial surprises during your time together, so you can enjoy your date with your favorite companion without any interruptions!

Please note: 
1. In order to provide you the best possible service, we ask you to place your booking as far in advance as possible. 
Our preference is to schedule a date 24 hours in advance.
2. We calculate travel expenses on the travel time between the residence city of the companion and the location of your choice.
3. A down payment needs to be done in advance to confirm your booking. For this purpose we offer a variety of different payment methods. Please contact us for more information.

Our Rates

Below you find the rates for our service. Rates are excluding travel expenses.

Maximum travel time for companion: 45 minutes

Maximum travel time for companion: 75 min

Maximum travel time for companion: 90 min

Maximum travel time for companion: 105 min

Maximum travel time for companion: 120 min




Extra extended hour: €200 

Travel expenses

Below you’ll find the travel expenses for our companions. 
All travel expenses are based on the total travel time of your companion.