Our philosophy

Our  agency has a different philosophy and working method then you might be used from traditional escort agencies or private ladies. They promise you specific sexual services in exchange for a financial compensation. You think you know what to expect during the date, because it’s discussed in advance what kind of sexual services the lady in question offers. Unfortunately, we often hear that dates that have been mediated/discussed this way  results in disappointments for all parties involved. Our agency distinguishes itself by focusing on the intellectual part of a date. When the chemistry between people is real en sincere, physical intimacy would be a logical result and would feel very natural for you and the companion when you both consent during the date.

We believe that any form of physical intimacy should only take place, when all parties feel fully comfortable with it. 
Every individual experiences intimacy in a different way and can experience it different with every new person.
What can be experienced as pleasant with one person may feel very uncomfortable with another person.
Because of this philosophy it’s impossible to predict in advance what will going to happen during a date.
Therefore you will not find an overview of standard physical intimate actions in the profiles of our companions.

Our Companions always have the freedom to re-determine with every (new) client what kind of physical intimaxy is  –
pleaseant with him or her during the date .

The result of our working method is that our  Companions feel safe and don’t exceed their personal boundaries under no circumstances.  Also not for extra financial compensation! We dare to guarantee that every form of intimacy is not acted and completely voluntary. When they decide to stop at our agency, they will be able to look back on this exciting period in their lives with a warm feeling and with good memories. Including the date with you!

What to expect from a date with one of our companions
When you make an appointment for date with one of our Companions you can expect that she is always genuinely interested in you. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and build a emotional bond that will feel like a real romantic friendship. Our Companions will never act different during a date with you, than who they are in their daily life. A date with one of our Companions will feel like any other romantic date with a lady you met without the intervention of an agency. She will temporarily be the perfect girlfriend you always dreamed of.

We have a regular customer network, some of which we have been able to serve for a long time. Our services are meant for gentlemen who desire more than just a short-lived sexual experience.  You have ended up with the right agency if you want to get the chance to get in touch with beautiful and intelligent young women and to court them. We would love to get to know you and welcome you as one of our trusted cliënts.