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Are you adventurous?

Are you adventurous and looking for more excitement and fun in your life?
We can offer you a discrete and safe dating experience.
Do you love meeting interesting people and do you like to travel?
Highclass escort companions from all regions in The Netherlands are welcome to apply. 

Experience is not required.
We will not leave you on your own and guide you every step of the way.
Our experienced and professional management team will be there to support you.
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Become a Highclass Escort

Highclass Escort criteria

  • You are minimum 21 and maximum 45 years old
  • You are free to do as you please and under no duress
  • Your height is min.160cm with a healthy weight
  • Your have a natural figure in proportion
  • Your are sociable and have sense of communication
  • Your personality is attractive, adventurous and playful
  • You have a real seduction power
  • You are readily available with prior notice
  • Your personal situation is stable and unproblematic
  • You can hold an everyday conversation in English
  • Other European languages are an asset


  • Your are younger then 21
  • You are under any form of duress
  • You are under any form of duress
  • You are under trusteeship or legal guardianship
  • You have no other means for earning your living
  • You are dependent on alcohol or drugs
  • You expect to earn a fortune very quickly
  • You sole interest is the money
  • You wish to work with several different agencies
  • You don't meet the highclass companions criteria
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