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Utrecht is one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities, with a compact medieval centre set out around canals unique to the Netherlands. Escorts in Utrecht. there’s a lower level where warehouses were located in the 13th century, giving the canals a split-level character and meaning that diners and drinkers can nip off the street and enjoy a snack or a drink down at water level.
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With a population of more than 338,000, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. The city will continue to grow in the coming years. Utrecht is located in the very heart of the Netherlands, where the country’s road and rail networks intersect. Utrecht Central Station is the country’s largest train junction station and the city has one of the highest bicycle densities in the Netherlands.
Utrecht’s student population of 40,000 is the largest in the country, making the city a very vibrant place.
From subterranean music cellars to movie houses-cum-pubs to a slew of special beer cafes, the range of social outlets ranks among the nation’s broadest.

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